LDIF21: An Immigrant's Story - Wanjiru Kamuyu

Thu 6 May 2021



Wanjiru Kamuyu is engaged in questioning the notions of place, belonging and otherness. A cosmopolitan on three continents – Africa, North America and Europe, her solo interrogates the gaze upon the “foreigner” in a new space and offers a critical eye on the notions of place and placement that are prevalent in today’s political discourse.

An Immigrant’s Story: Wanjiru Kamuyu is part of Let’s Dance International Frontiers (LDIF), an annual international dance festival produced by Serendipity UK.  The festival features performances, discussions, workshops and a conference exploring dance as a medium for positive change.

For more information about Let’s Dance International Frontiers and Serendipity UK please visit www.serendipity-uk.com.



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