Physical Theatre - Week One

Fri 31 May 2019

‘The Box’

Led by Andy Reeves and Liam Bone                                                                                                             

What is the box? A treasure chest? A parcel? A curio found in an old attic? Only YOU can decide…

In this fascinating and creatively inspiring week, you will join with like-minded young creatives to explore the places where Physical Theatre and contemporary dance meet. Using image and movement, combined with text, we will work together to create a performance in a week. Great for actors and dancers who want to learn new skills, or anyone who wants to get moving and devise some new theatre!

Dare you open ‘The Box?’


Andy Reeves is Curve’s Head of Learning. For 18 years Andy was Artistic Director of Speakeasy Theatre Company and has worked as a youth and community arts specialist for The Spark Arts for Children, Soft Touch, and others. For 10 years Andy ran ‘Act Up’, a youth theatre project on the Saffron Lane Estate.  Most recently Andy directed ‘Macbeth’ for Curve Young Company.


Liam Bone is a Leicester-based dancer and choreographer.  As well as working with Curve Young Company Dance, having graduated from the group in 2017, Liam was movement director on CYC Act’s 2018 production of Zigger Zagger.