Auditions at Curve

For our Curve Productions we work with agents and advertise opportunities through Spotlight.

Each production’s director is responsible for the casting of that show, helped either by a freelance Casting Director or our Assistant Producer. Casting is dependent on the requirements of the production (large musical/small play) and the type of show we are producing (In-house/Co-production).

Generally, we do not hold ‘open auditions’ at Curve theatre. However, casting breakdowns are often posted via Spotlight and sent to agents who then submit their suggestions. Castings and meetings usually take place in London.

Please bear in mind that as we do not have a specific Casting Department and due to the large number of enquiries we receive, it is not always possible to reply to every correspondence. We do keep submissions and CVs that are sent to us on file, however it is much more beneficial to apply for a specific role in a production rather than just any production across the season. For further enquiries, please email [email protected]

Bollywood Jane - we need you!

Curve’s 2019 Summer Community Production will be Leicester drama meets Bollywood spectacular, BOLLYWOOD JANE by Amanda Whittington. The production will be directed by east midlands based director Siobhán Cannon-Brownlie. 

16-year-old Jane has grown up on the move – no longer at school and with only one GCSE and a swimming badge to her name, she’s followed her mum Kate from place to place as relationships have crumbled and bills have mounted. Now, making another fresh start on Leicester’s Belgrave Road, Kate pushes Jane to find work to help make ends meet. 

On the city’s famous Golden Mile fate leads Jane to work at the local Bollywood cinema, where the ultimate rom-com blockbuster, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, offers an escape from reality. Dazzled by the sequins, saris and happy endings, Jane imagines herself as a character in a Bollywood film. As a friendship with local boy and cinema co-worker Dini looks to promise Jane her own happily ever after, she soon finds that the sparkles of real-life aren’t so simple. 

The production will play in Curve’s 300-seat Studio theatre from Friday 2 – Sunday 11 August 2019 and Curve is seeking up to 40 people who are over 16 years old, from all backgrounds across our community and of all abilities, to take part. 

There are several speaking, dancing and singing roles. There are also up to 35 roles in the dancing and singing chorus, for performers of any ethnicity and ability, who will perform fabulous Bollywood dance sequences created by Leicester choreographer Kesha Raithatha. 

Rehearsals will take place once each week from May onwards, on Sundays. This will be followed by two weeks of “intensive” rehearsals from Monday 15 – Sunday 28 July, and technical rehearsals between Monday 29 July and Thursday 1 August, before the production opens on Friday 2 August 2019. 

Hopeful participants must have excellent availability from May through to mid-August. All participants must be fully available for all intensive and technical rehearsals and for all performances in Leicester. 

To get involved, please click here and fill in the Bollywood Jane application form.


Kate Kelly, playing age 32 

Kate is Jane’s mother. Wearing a biker jacket in the first scene, she is described as glam. She was a young mother and has struggled to make ends meet. She is hard-working, cheerful and always presents an optimistic face to Jane. 

 Jane Kelly, playing age 16 

Jane is described as plain. She is frustrated by her mother and not pleased that she’s had to move, leaving her friends and life behind. She is beginning to discover what she wants from life. She challenges her mother Kate frequently. She is determined, bright and kind. Must be a confident dancer and singer.  


Sanjay is a shopkeeper on Belgrave Road. He is entrepreneurial and resourceful.  

 Dini Kapur, playing age 18 

Dini works at The Star of Bollywood cinema, which has an air of faded grandeur. He introduces Jane to the world of Bollywood, and takes pride in sharing his culture with her. He is cheeky, brave and decisive and wants to live a fulfilled life. He dreams of being a dancer. Must be a confident dancer and singer.  

 Amir Desai, playing age 21 

Amir is described as 21 going on 40 wearing an ill-fitting suit and an air of desperation. He is the proprietor of The Star of Bollywood, which has an air of faded grandeur. His rich father bought the cinema for Amir to run to make a businessman out of him, but for all his passion he lacks the shrewdness to make it work. Well-meaning but ineffectual.  

 Mac, early 40s 

Mac is married, but has been conducting an affair with Kate for some time. They are close and there is genuine care there. Although they aren’t able to be together, he looks out for Jane and Kate.  

 Ensemble, all ages 16 and over, male and female 

Bollywood dancers, community members 

Especially seeking British Asian cast members but can be any ethnicity 

Must be confident dancers and singers. 

Please note that all performers will be invited to join dance and singing sequences, so an interest in singing and dancing is required by all performers in this production.  

Rehearsals, all at Curve


Sunday rehearsals from May – July 2019 

Early rehearsals, daytime 

Monday 15 July – Sunday 21 July 2019 

Intensive rehearsals Week 1, full days/evenings 

Monday 22 July – Sunday 28 July 2019 

Intensive rehearsals Week 2, full days/evenings 

Monday 29 July 2019 – Friday 2 August 2019 

Tech Week, full days/evenings 

Thursday 1 August 2019 

Public Dress Rehearsal (TBC) 


Performances from Friday 2 August – Sunday 11 August, including evening performances and/or matinees everyday except Monday 5 August.