Artist Development

At Curve we are committed to developing local theatre makers, performers, writers, directors and choreographers. 

We are interested in working with artists to tell the stories that matter to us, our audience and local community, while offering entertaining, thought-provoking and moving experiences to the widest range of audiences.

If you are working on something or have an idea that you think might excite us, or if you need any help or guidance in getting a new project off the ground then we’d love to hear from you.

For more information please email [email protected]

Please note we only invest financially in work by artists on our formal Artist Development & Breakthrough programmes, See below for more information.

Our Artist Development activity currently includes New Work Festival, our annual festival of new work celebrating the artists that live and work in the Midlands and Breakthrough, our year-round development programme for local performance makers.


Inside Out Festival

New Work Festival is a celebration of new work created by some of the best companies in the Midlands.

New Work Festival focuses on new and innovative approaches to performance; the festival is a vibrant mix of theatre, dance and spoken word.

The Festival offers a snapshot of live performance that is dynamic, independent, and thought-provoking.


Breakthrough is Curve’s year-round development programme for local artists. We see our role as helping artists to reach their full potential by offering opportunities to make, share and explore new work and ideas, while giving critical feedback and linking artists in with our networks. We want to help artists develop work that transforms our building, engages with our audience and inspires the way we work, think and programme.

The Breakthrough programme is founded on a flexible structure, where the support we offer responds to the individual needs of our artists.

For more information on Curve’s Breakthrough programme please contact [email protected]


For the second year running, we’re partnered with leading Edinburgh venue the Pleasance to support and develop a Midlands-based artist looking to take their work to the Fringe Festival.

Find out more and apply.