Paradigm Rhymes





Paradigm Rhymes: Beyond the Dome is a futuristic tale, a fast moving performance of spoken word narration, live jazz music and projected comic book digital imagery.

Within the Dome the minds of young people are controlled. History has been revised and all art is banned. Creative acts are crimes; the worst crime is playing the music of improvisation – jazz.

At critical points in this story, you the audience will be presented with a choice of two options facing the young lead character. It is up to you to decide which option to take. You decide the path of this story.

Age Guidance 10-14 years


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Credits & Acknowledgments

Creator, Musical Director and Performer: Marcus Joseph
Spoken Word Artist/Performer: Sophia Thakur
Musicians: Jamie Sykes (Drums), Mark Trounson (Bass), Joe Egan (Guitar)
Producer: Amanda Leandro of Cosmopolitan Arts
Written by Mellow Baku
Digital illustration/imagery by Natasha DuBarry-Gurr
Directed By Owen Craven-Griffiths

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